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    Thrift Shop and Donate: El Foster Club

    Thrift Shop and Donate: El Foster Club

    Todos lo que nos tienen en Instagram o han tenido la oportunidad de visitar Moni & Coli, saben que al menos 1 vez al mes hay un perrito corriendo por la tienda e invadiendo nuestras redes sociales. Desde principios de este año nos dimos la tarea de formar parte de El Foster Club (EFC) y ayudar de una manera u otra a esta linda fundación. EFC es una fundación que rescata animales y promueve el trabajo voluntario a través del cuidado de un “foster mom/dad”. Este “foster mom/dad” se encarga de desbordar al perrito rescatado con mucho amor y darle un hogar transitorio hasta que encuentra su "forever home".

    El evento de Thrift Shop and Donate surge de nuestra inquietud de poder ayudar a EFC y a su vez conectarlo con la importancia de comprar ropa de segunda celebrando "National Thrift Shop Day" el jueves pasado. Para nuestra sorpresa, estuvo tan bueno ese día que decidimos extenderlo hasta el sábado.  

    Estamos bien felices que el evento fue recibido de una manera bien bonita y muchas personas se dieron cita en la tienda para hacer su donación. Recaudamos $550.00, una cifra que sabemos que ayudará grandemente a muchos perritos (y gatitos).

    Todo esto se logró gracias a la aportación de cada una de las personas que compró en la tienda o a través de DM en Instagram.

    Si quieres ayudar o formar parte de El Foster Club puedes contactarlos en Facebook oprimiendo aquí




    Meet The Team Behind Our Summer Photoshoot

    Meet The Team Behind Our Summer Photoshoot

    Summer is in full swing!

    We're celebrating our favorite time of the year with a brand new editorial, led by our local talent, which took place at La Rosa de Los Vientos, an Airbnb located in Santurce. This time, we got a very special guest behind the lens : the Puerto Rican babe Nicole Pagán, who was visiting the Island at the time. Also, another local talent who was part of this beautiful visual inspiration, and the main character of every photo, is the talented Mairaly. Get to know a little bit of these amazing ladies through their interests below:

    Nicole Pagán



    Meet Our Summer Uniform

    Meet Our Summer Uniform

    We reached 90 degrees here in Puerto Rico, and we can't help but to take a break in-between our day-to-day duties to make a pit stop at the nearest beach.

    If you live in the Island, you'll know that a bathing suit is basically your summer uniform. We pair it with shorts or a flowy skirt, sandals or sneakers, and our favorite sunnies. And voila! It's a look. 

    At Moni & Coli we're always hunting for our favorites styles to have in stock for you. So, be sure to check out our SWIM section online and in-store, and shop your next summer uniform.

    See ya at the beach!

    Back to Our Roots

    Back to Our Roots

    If you are reading this it means you like us and you are happy that we re-opened our online store! (I know we are). Moni & Coli started out as a online store almost 5 years ago and since then it has grown incredibly and it's all been because of YOU so, thank you, thank you, thank you. 

    Sorry for the delay in re-opening... but we are now here to stay! We have a great team behind our online store and we are grateful to finally start expanding and making some great content. 

    Hope you guys like our new webpage as much as we do... 

    Now, let's shop! 


    Moni & Coli


    Meet The Team Behind Our Spring Photoshoot

    Meet The Team Behind Our Spring Photoshoot

    We're back! Thanks for sticking around on our social media platforms and visiting us at our store at Calle Loíza, Santurce. As you guys highly requested it, our online shop is back and we're super excited about it.

    With this relaunch, we wanted to expand our team and collaborate with our community of creatives in order to highlight our local talent.

    Wanna meet them? Here they tell you a little bit about themselves:

    Nannette - Model
    Occupation: Student/Artist
    Ashley - Makeup Artist
    Occupation: Student/Freelance makeup artist
    Edgardo - Photographer
    Occupation: Digital Advertiser/Art Director