You can layaway everything you want with these requirements:

  • $100 minimun
  • 35% deposit
  • 1 month to pay

How it works?

  • Select the styles you want
  • Send us a message with your picks (Facebook, Instagram or email:
  • Make your deposits thru ATH móvil, Venmo, Paypal or any card
  • Items cannot be changed or cancelled once layaway started
  • If one month has passed and the client hasn't notify the need of extra time, the layaway can be cancelled and deposit will not be returned nor applied to store credit.
  • Items are FINAL SALE

Be mindful that we are holding your item for one month and if you have any concerns you can contact us at any time. 



One of our favorite activities in the world is... EATING! Lucky for us Puerto Rico has a lot to offer in that area. Here are our favorite spots to eat and shop in Santurce & Old San Juan and a few we would like to visit ¡Buen Provecho!

- M & C


This town is filled with really good food and trendy shops! For sure it's always on the top of our minds when we decide to go out to eat or do some great shopping!

Picture is from Rosa & Elena. Their decor is beautifull, a true asthetic dream and the food is A plus!



For us Old San Juan is history, food, color, music, culture and so much more! Walking the streets of Old San Juan is one of our favorite things to do in Puerto Rico. This city is filled with picturesque spots, lots of local restaurants and shops. Below are our favorites!

This picture is from Spiga. If you are looking for freshly made bread in Old San Juan, this is the place to go!